“Purple Tero at St. Eustace Cove” Children’s Poster

“Follow Me and I’ll Show You The Light” Children’s Poster

“Modas Actuales” from “Urban Scenes” Series

“At The Coffee Shop” from “Urban Scenes” Series

“Lap Top” from Web Profile Posters Series
"Lap Top" Web Profile Posters

“My Boyfriend’s Car” from Web Profile Posters Series

“Lovers” Wedding Invitation

“Tupi/Guarani” Project

Chris Clark Family Portrait Commission (Detail)

“Tsuki’s New House”
Tsuki's New House

“Karakara” Illustration for “Restoring Hector” Documentary

“Cosmic Voyage” Artists Book

“New Botanicals” Posters

“Cats in Spring”

“Captain” Children’s Book